Saturday, October 08, 2005

The great migration

A tray of smaller cacti from an exposed bed coming back indoors October 8th.

The great migration of succulent plants back indoors has begun at my place in Hamilton today. With a daytime high of only about 12C today and the promise of a clear night I'm guessing temperatures just shy of freezing will be seen tomorrow morning. A number of plants from my open bed which were exposed to the heavy rains yesterday were moved back indoors. Among these cold sensitive Euphorbia's and moisture sensitive cacti. One particularly cold sensitive Melocactus from my covered bed was also brought indoors. The rest of the collection will move in soon as well. Adeniums, Pachypodiums, some epi's and new seedling cacti have already been making daily moves indoors for the night for about a month.

Last year I waited until the end of the first week in November before bringing in anything. By that time several light frosts had already occured and a severe killing frost threatened. Snow was falling as I struggled until midnight to move in my large collection indoors. Later some Adeniums and a Melocactus were found to be casualities because of this late exposure to the cold.